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Premier! proudly going to announce our first video which has been recorded in 2009 summertime. The length is 8 minutes and 50 seconds. In this short clip you will get a feeling of what we did over the two weeks of summer, except those situations when we forgot to bring with us the camera because we were too silly to do so. Just play and enjoy! Please don’t forget to leave comments as they are precious!

Düsseldorf in 14 days from Attila on Vimeo.

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  1. Marci says:

    All I can say that the treatment was successful. this movie more than evidence about that… Lot of thanks for the Specialist in the sanatorium! By the way, the last pics are fake! It is a not occured situation!!!

  2. Judit says:


  3. Vitalii and Helen says:

    We really liked the video! Very well done! Looks like you had a really good time! Attila, you are still crazy! We miss you.

  4. Julia says:

    Toll!!!!ich will nach Duesseldorf fahren)))))

  5. Nagyon jó lett a videó. Mosoly jött az arcomra miközben néztem, jó lesz ha tavasszal csinálunk mi is egy ilyen kisfilmet. Üdvözlettel: Dr.T.Attila

  6. Abhishek says:

    Cool video..

  7. Pöttyös Panni says:

    A videohoz gratulálok! Nagyon jó lett, így mi is megismerhettük a düsseldorfi életérzést! :)

  8. Shabeer Khan says:

    the video looks amazing nice mixing o scenes and the climax was the best:)

  9. Krisztián says:

    Jó lett a videó,sok ismerős helyet láttam vajon miért?!
    A biciklis rész nagyon frankó!


  10. LOVASLACI says:

    Hi Attila,

    We are planning a tour in Germany next summer. My sister is lives in Herzogenrath. Maybe we can meet. Good luck!


  11. Saatrin says:

    Endlich ein Video wo du erkennbar bist! Was macht du denn die ganze Zeit mit deinen Kumpels ?

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