AirFeel Flight: EREZD1228, Boeing 737/400

Ladies and gentlemen, the Captain has turned on the Fasten Seat Belt sign. Please take your seat and fasten your seat belt. And also make sure your seat back and folding trays are in their full upright position.

Attila – captain
Boarding time: 2005. december
Destination: Pennsylvania, USA
Borsodi Wayne – co-pilot
Boarding time: 2006. április
Destination: Auchan, W (WORLD)
Security number: 1980
newl_tn.gif Newl – senior cabin attendant
Boarding time: 2006. május
Destination: Várpalota, HU – delay
Security number: 1980
monika_tn.gif Mónika – stewardess
Boarding time: 2006. május
Destination: Genova, IT
Security number: 1982
andris_tn.gif Andris – steward
Boarding time: 2006. május
Destination: Wien, A
Security number: 1982

On behalf of the entire crew, I’d like to thank you for joining us on this trip and we are looking forward to see you in one of our future flights. Have a nice day and thank you for choosing Feel Airlines.