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Premier! proudly going to announce our first video which has been recorded in 2009 summertime. The length is 8 minutes and 50 seconds. In this short clip you will get a feeling of what we did over the two weeks of summer, except those situations when we forgot to bring with us the camera because we were too silly to do so. Just play and enjoy! Please don’t forget to leave comments as they are precious!

Düsseldorf in 14 days from Attila on Vimeo.

Egg Masala / Anda Masala

This is one of the Indian food which is made of Boiled Eggs, onions, tomatoes, green chillies, garlic pods, red chilli powder and whole garam masala powder. Is mostly eaten with Roti’s ( Roti is the traditional Indian bread, normally eaten with curries or cooked vegetables. It is made most often from wheat flour, cooked on a flat or slightly concave iron griddle called a tawa. It is similar to a tortilla in appearance. Like breads around the world, roti is a staple accompaniment to other foods, maybe spread with ghee (clarified butter).

This post from Bhargav and Wilson.

Nungning from Bangkok

……My name is Ning from Thailand but I have been  in Oslo, Norway as an aupair since last year(Nov.) It was summer holiday and I have the whole month of July year 2008 off for my holiday. So I decided to go visiting my friends in Hungary, Evi, Agi and Attila. Before I go any further, I just want to tell a short story about how do I know Evi and Agi…..I know Evi and Agi via Chakrit, he is a friend from college. I’m quite not sure exactly date and year, it might be year 2005 when Chakrit was working as Camp Counselor in the US and he met one friend from Hungary, his name is Attila. Chakrit has sent me an email asking me for a favour to show his friends of friend (Attila’s friend, Evi and Agi)…..hey….are you still with me? Don’t get lost:). Continue…


ati: say something in hungarian what i taught you
ohskydaileu: well I will do my best to spell them
ati: say laud! i would like to hear you!
ohskydaileu: etch katu hadom neit ut hott

Where are you Vitalii?

Vitalii and I, we are the directors from the Kitchen Boyz Movie. We are making funny movie, with few american people and Chakrit.

Vitalii (Ukraine, 19)

Hi! I really like this summer 2006 at Camp! I met here very good friends! One of them is Attila (Vanilla). I’m very happy I met him and I want to go see him in Hungary one day. We have a lot of work here but it is not so bad. It is very interesting here for me. Our staff is great. We have a lot of fun together. Well, they drink too much beer some times :) and go crazy. And when Attila drinks beer he always talks about girls. Go Attila! Polish mafia is good. But they, kurva, talk too much polish and I came here to study English! Poor child from Thailand is our movie star! He will be famous one day! And no comments about Ukrainian “Princess”… It is one of the best summers in my life. I hope we all will meet again one day! Ukraine and Hungary 4ever!!! Respect!

News from the Camp!

This post from Dorota, Vitalii, Raccoon and Attila


When Julia, Chakrit and Pavel left we had too much work, so theye are very lucky. We had to do peal the floor from paint arround Noel`s (director) house! It was very hard, and the worst job in this Camp! Perhaps ever! So now we can throw away our t-shirts! We didn`t finished and we don`t think we will finish to the end of the Camp!

But now it is 9pm and we are sitting on the soccer field: Dorota, Raccoon, Vitalii, Attila and a laptop. Continue…

Julia is leaving

This post from Julia.

Hi everybody! Finally I am going to New York. I`m very excited and afraid of this big city. The Camp is over, and I am very sad because my friends stay in the Camp more time. I will really miss them. I will spend all my money in New York, but I want to find a job as nanny or NO NO NO kitchen staff! I promise to send postcards to Attila from New York. (they stay here until 7th September) Now I don`t want to go home, I want to stay here! I think like almost everybody. This summer was very important for me. I met here a lot of real friends. I will never forget this summer 06` ! Look at this picture and you will understand why I think so!